Stolen Angel:A Singular Obsession, Book Three

By: Lucy Leroux

She, on the other hand, could no longer look at him with her usual aloof detachment. Something had changed. Before he had just been her boss. An incredibly demanding one, but still just a boss. Now he was a man. A man who'd kissed her. It was the most intimacy she’d experienced in a long time.

She’d always known Sergei was attractive. He was tall and muscular with deep brown hair and eyes so dark they looked black. His face was more rugged than handsome, but it was perfectly symmetrical with lips hinting at fullness and chiseled cheekbones. His looks rivaled models on magazine covers, the kind that would advertise outdoor gear.

But before the kiss, his sexual appeal had been a distant thing, something she could see without having it touch her—she couldn't afford to let it. Now she was hyperaware of his every move, even when she couldn’t see him. He could be in the next room, and she knew where he was standing or when he was about to walk out to leave papers on her desk.

Sleep was a thing of the past.

Niko and his team took their usual seats in the front near the cabin door while the rest of them made their way to the back conference area so they could work. Ada sat in the plush reclining leather chair opposite Sergei with Tim on her left in his usual spot. There was a small bedroom in the back where the boss slept on long trips.

They were on their way to Rome to finalize Sergei’s latest acquisition. Damov Industries was buying a small Italian manufacturer of gourmet foods. Sergei had grown fond of their specialty products while vacationing in Italy the previous year, and now he was planning on exporting them worldwide to select high-end grocers.

“Tim, call the hotel and make sure they have given me my preferred suite,” Sergei ordered. “And have tomorrow’s dinner meeting changed to a lunch. I want to be free for dinner.”

In her seat, Ada tensed imperceptibly. Sergei hadn’t gone on any dates since his best friend’s wedding had interrupted his plans. According to Tim, there were times when Sergei didn’t date much, usually when a big deal was in the works. And other than Ivanka and Fiona Worth, there hadn’t been any woman since Ada started working for him. But his latest deal was nearing completion, and clearly he was getting ready to resume his normal social life.

Slightly sick to her stomach, Ada turned on her tablet and pretended to work on her latest project—a report on a biofuels startup. Realization set in.

I have to leave sooner than I thought.

Chapter 3

Sergei stood up with a satisfied sigh. The meeting had gone well, and everything had been finished ahead of schedule. The contracts were signed, and now he had a whole forty-eight hours free in one of his favorite cities. Too bad Giancarlo was out of town.

Out of the corner of his eye, he watched Ada pack up their things. She had been flawless as usual. Her Italian wasn’t half-bad either. He hadn’t even known she spoke the language until this trip. Leaning over, she unplugged his tablet’s charger, her firm heart-shaped backside tempting him to reach out and touch.

Stifling the urge, Sergei watched Ada as she stood up again and absently wiped her forehead with her sleeve. Other women didn’t do that. They would have been afraid of getting makeup on their clothes. But Ada never wore any. At the end of the day, her skin got a little shiny, something the women he dated would never let happen. They would be powdered to a satiny finish 24/7. But he liked Ada’s natural look more.

She wasn’t flashy, but she was beautiful in a quiet, understated way. Her blue eyes contrasted with her dark hair, making them look brighter and bluer. And she always had a natural pink tinge in her cheeks.

“We should celebrate.” The words were out of his mouth before he could think better of it. Ada looked up, surprised. But the mistake was already made. “You said you hadn’t traveled much outside the states when you started working for me. We should hit the town. Some of the best restaurants in the world are in this city,” he added temptingly.


Shit. She was going to say no. She probably had plans—with Tim. His other assistant’s crush had only gotten worse lately, and Sergei had the sneaking suspicion he was finally wearing Ada down.

“Okay,” she said finally, then paused for a moment. “Shall I call Tim?”

“I think he has plans,” Sergei said. “Let’s head back to the hotel and change. Do you have a dress?”

Ada glanced down at her practical wool suit and nodded. “I have one,” she said, sounding less sure now.

She’d probably assumed Tim was going to be available to join them.

“Excellent. Let’s go,” he said, ushering her out before she could change her mind.


Ada pulled on her little black dress with trepidation. How had this happened? Sergei’s invitation had caught her completely off guard. She’d said yes without thinking, assuming she was tagging along while he had dinner with some of his friends, or that Tim would be there. But he’d made it clear in the car that they would be alone when he’d called a restaurant and made reservations for two in passable Italian.

She almost jumped out of her skin when a knock sounded on the door. Old instincts flared to life, and she looked around for a handy weapon. Sergei had said he would send a car for her promptly at eight, and she wasn’t expecting anyone else. Snatching up the luggage rack, she walked up to the door in bare feet. Peering cautiously through the peephole, she relaxed with a shaky sigh. She put the luggage rack down and opened the door.