Of Yesterday

By: Alta Hensley


I dedicate this book to all my fans. If it weren't for you, I would not be able to continue my dream of writing. I am forever thankful for everyone I have met along the way of my journey.

Chapter One

Taylor McKnight made her living, as small and pathetic as it may be, convincing people she was a modern-day witch. She had grown a pretty decent reputation and had a fairly large client base. It was not that she truly knew any real witchcraft, she had just mastered the illusion. It was all image, staging, make believe. But for the sake of her pocketbook…she created the atmosphere of magic.

She took a match and lit several candles to help set the mood. A puff of smoky aroma danced its way upward in small spirals. A fusion of vanilla, cinnamon, and rose mixed with the already heavily-scented room. She had learned that smell helped sales. If people liked the aroma, they would seek to purchase the same scent for their homes.

Taylor looked around the store at all the people browsing and decided it was time to work her so-called magic and try to make her commission in sales. She ran her hand through the haphazard brown curls that she allowed to cascade down her back, adjusted her cleavage in the tight-fitting, leather bustier, and smoothed her ankle-length skirt. She definitely dressed the part.

She took a deep breath and released it slowly. "If there is anything I can help with, let me know." She knew it would only be moments before she was surrounded by people who wanted to be "cured."

Taylor offered her clients her diagnosis, her witchy insight and her advice as to what would fix all their problems. Whatever reason brought them to her, Taylor tried her best to give them their money’s worth. She did not see it as a con. She saw it as a way to give them hope and positive thought. If it eased their fear, anxiety, and pain, then Taylor more than fulfilled her job.

A frail woman was the first to approach. She quickly began to spew her entire medical history before Taylor could even open her mouth. Clients like these made her job easy. She would not have to be as vague or open with her so-called supernatural powers. Getting this woman to buy any tea, potion, or crystal of Taylor’s choosing would be a walk in the park. If she was really good, she would manage the sale of all of the above.

As the woman continued to talk, Taylor could not help but notice a man wearing a cowboy hat in the corner of the store. A quick glance showed the curve of his lip lifted in amusement. Could he see through her guise? She could have ignored him, but it was people like him that were bad for business. He needed to be addressed.

She quickly guided the frail woman in the direction of the most expensive herbs in her store and snapped her fingers, with her bracelets jingling, to get her shop assistant’s attention to help close the deal. Her assistant could handle this one blindfolded. Taylor had a skeptical cowboy to deal with.

Gliding her way as seductively as she could, she made her way to the man in the corner. He was fingering one of the glass balls with laughter in his eyes. Without a word, Taylor lifted his rough-callused hand with hers. The size and strength of his made her own seem elfish in comparison.

He seemed startled for a mere moment, his eyebrows questioning. She had dealt with men and women like him before. She had found that facing them head on usually caused them to back away and ultimately leave the store. Her confidence was always too much to bear.

Releasing the cowboy’s hand, she acted as if she had been burnt. "Oh…ahhhh…there is a fire within you." Keeping the drama was crucial.

She swayed her hips and softly closed her eyes. "I can feel the burn. I can almost taste the liquid heat that is melting your soul." She almost giggled as the sentence left her mouth. Taylor knew she was laying it on thick, but she needed to make this skeptical cowboy uncomfortable so he would leave her store. She had clients anxiously waiting for her attention, and money to be made. The last thing she needed was to have this man mess with the mystical vibe she worked so hard to keep.

The cowboy snickered brashly enough to be heard by all. Taylor opened her eyes and swallowed down the anger building inside. Damn, this was not going to be as easy as she thought. She could see in the corner of her eyes that customers were watching her every move. She could not let this arrogant ass win.