Finding Rhiannon (Lilith's Army MC #2)

By: Ker Dukey & D.H. Sidebottom

I don’t want to sit around waiting for fucking word. Doing nothing is like giving Buzz free time with our Princess, and God only knows what that sick prick can think up with a few free hours. They call him and his brother, ‘Brothers Grim’ for a reason.

I leave Denise to clean up the mess Brenner made of Frost’s room with the blood of his wife.

Avery is a fucking trooper, any other woman would have been in the wind by now. And it gives me hope that our Princess will be able to handle whatever Buzz dreams up for her.

I punch a hole in the wall, my knuckles smart. I want to keep going, knock this whole place down, panel by panel, brick by brick. Both Brenner and Buzz have tainted a place where we all once felt at home, secure and at ease. Their actions have brought a hellish aura into what was once a lively hub for all of us to come and feel part of something. Now it just feels like a tomb.

I wish when she called me yesterday I didn’t bring her back here. I wish I’d just kept driving, taken her away from this life and started a new one, just us.

Her smile when I pulled up to pick her up could have eclipsed the sun. She was nervous and blushed when she got in my truck. I moved a stray strand of her hair from her cheek. She grasped my hand and held it against her cheek for a few silent minutes. My heart was beating out of my fucking chest. Then she dropped my hand and turned to look out the window, asking me what I’d been up to like we were old friends catching up.

We’ve never just been friends. There’s always been this forbidden heat between us. Before she blossomed into a woman there was still this energy between us, like a pull, magnetic and unstoppable.

I have to get her back and then never let her go.



The touchable chaos at the club is merely superficial, the dried blood that coats the floor and the smell of death that smears the air around us doesn’t lay as heavy on my heart as it should. It is the turmoil you can’t physically touch that makes my breastbone crush my heart. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t care about the men who lost their lives yesterday, I do, so very much. But it’s the sense of dread in my husband’s eyes, the anguish that makes him gnaw on his lower lip, and the desolation in the way he keeps picking at his fingernails that makes me take his hand tenderly in mine.

“We’ll find her. I promise.”

He nods and smiles, but it doesn’t reach his eyes.

Scorch is pacing up and down, frequently pouring a new shot of Patron into his glass whenever he passes the bottle that sits nearly empty on the bar. His mood is sour, and everyone is leaving him alone, wary of prodding the beast that resides inside him. It’s clear how he feels for Rhiannon, and I wonder if Slade is aware just how much his best friend adores his sister.

Slade has surprised me, he hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol. The comfort it usually brings him is now replaced by the support I can give him instead. He hasn’t stopped touching me and has refused to leave my side. I’m thankful that he takes whatever I can give him.

My neck stings and subconsciously I press my fingers to the bandage covering the wound.

“Do you need some painkillers?”

I blink up at Slade in confusion, then realizing what I was doing, I shake my head and smile softly. “No, thank you. It’s not too bad.”

“I can’t believe the bastard cut you. Hurt you. I’ll make him pay, Princess, I can promise you that.”

“Just concentrate on you for now. I’m fine. Apart from my neck, there’s no harm done to me. You need to focus on finding Rhiannon.”

More worry infiltrates his gaze with the mention of her name. I only wish there was something I could do. When the Cutters had taken her, I’d had more of a chance to bring her home, maybe appeal to a side of my father I wasn’t even sure was there. I was his daughter at the end of the day, and perhaps just once he would have done something for me. However, now she was in the hands of Buzz, a man I didn’t honestly know much about, I couldn’t see a way any of us could take control of the situation. I only had to hope he wouldn’t hurt her. But, was Buzz in the right state of mind? He’d lost his brother, and to him, retribution only came in the life of another.

And him and his brother had a nickname for a reason, they’d already played their sick games on Jenna.


I search the bar and focus on the now clean area where she bled out right in front of me. I failed her so badly; I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself.

My mind wanders to Dean. He is still alive. That brings a small smile, a touch of relief in all the misery.

God, how can I tell Jenna’s family about her death? Where did they put her body? Panic seizes my chest, and I place a hand there to rub away the ache. She doesn’t deserve to be dumped in the ground somewhere, in a cold unmarked grave. No. I can’t do that to her.

Slade is watching me with suspicion, and I gobble down my thoughts and focus on him once again. I will talk to Tank about this when we have Rhiannon home. And Brenner has paid for all his acts. Bastard, I hope I get to be there when he meets his maker.