Finding Rhiannon (Lilith's Army MC #2)

By: Ker Dukey & D.H. Sidebottom

I look around the deserted streets moving towards the parking lot to wait and get out of the sight of any officers coming and going. A car pulls up across the street, some guy jumps out to use the ATM on the outside of a bank. His gaze drifts to me but doesn’t linger, then he’s gone, and I find myself alone with the wind and the leaves blowing around like twisters of crisp, brown streamers, the action causing a gentle rustle in the otherwise silence.

An engine rumbling towards me gains my interest when it pulls in and stops in front of me. My back straightens and I prepare for fight mode, the instincts deep-rooted in me impulsively rising to the surface.

The window rolls down and Buzz greets me. “Hey, Princess. Get in.”

Thank God.

Opening the door, I slam it shut and offer a grateful smile, but my face is numb from the cold, and I’m sure I look like an old woman with a face full of Botox.

“It’s so good to see a friendly face.” I reach over to turn up the heat.

He leans over me and snatches my cell phone, tossing it out the window. My mouth pops open to complain, but it shuts when he reaches for my seatbelt and pulls it across me, buckling me in. He’s so close that his arm brushes over my chest, causing my nipples to react from the contact. Mortification flushes through me, no doubt reddening my cheeks. It’s an issue all females have when anything comes in contact with our nipples, it doesn’t mean anything. However, he might not know that.

I try to ignore the fact he put my seatbelt on for me like I’m a five-year-old, and opt for, “What the hell? My phone?”

“It’s compromised.” Is all he mutters before screeching out of the parking lot.

“I thought Scorch was coming for me?” I ask, folding my arms to cover my chest.

“Change of plan. Get some sleep, you look tired.” His words are clipped and his shoulders are tight. I want to ask him more questions, but he’s right, I am tired.

I rest my head against the window and give in to the exhaustion.



A sting on my palm ignites in pain as dirt coats my hand. I just want to go home and shower that disgusting Cutters club from my skin.

The police couldn’t have come at a better time, but it’s not who I was expecting to come barreling through those doors.

My own club didn’t come for me. My brothers left me there too long, they know what kind of men reside inside those walls. Brenner is just like them and yet they left me out to the wolves.

Tears burn in my eyes, I don’t allow them to fall, I won’t waste them now. I’m a Lilith’s Army Princess; the things I’ve witnessed have prepared me for everything. Evil lives inside my veins; the blood that created Brenner is shared with my own. I’m not like him, I’m strong and prepared to handle someone like him.

“The name’s Axel, but you can scream Axe. Your piece of shit brother stole something that belonged to me. Tell me, bitch. Are you a sweet little virgin like my Avery was when he fucking married her against her will?”

I silently scream inside my mind to erase the memory and scan the new shithole I’ve been brought to.

Mold is climbing the wall like a virus, and it’s making me cough, although I’m not sure if that’s just because of my awareness of the dust or an actual cough. The tickle causes me to rub a hand over my chest. I don’t know where we are it’s a rundown house on the edge of God knows where. Boards adorn what once were windows, and it’s barren, the floor covered with an old tattered carpet and nothing else. The walls are warped, and the roof is disintegrating, allowing rain inside. Everywhere is wet and cold. A shiver races through my bones.

Buzz is staring at me, and I squirm under his observation. Why would he have been sent for me and not Scorch?

“What’s going on? Is something happening at the club?” I ask again, but he doesn’t reply.

“Are my brothers okay?” I ask, tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear. “Buzz!” I bark when he doesn’t move and remains silent. Irritation flares inside my gut.

“Your brother betrayed me.” He growls so low it’s almost a whisper.


“How so?” I ask, keeping the edge from my tone but a skittering of goosebumps skitters across my skin. The urge to run from him becomes so intense the floor feels like it’s vibrating beneath my feet.

What the hell has my brother done now? Why the hell did I get in Buzz’s truck?

I chance a quick glance at the exit, but his eyes on me make me numb.

His lips move, and my legs weaken. “He killed my brother.”


My head spins with his words, and a pit opens in my gut. “What?” A gasp expels from me, and I stagger backwards a few paces. “No!”

Oh, God. He wouldn’t kill Tats, they’re friends. What’s going on, and why has he brought me here?

To kill me in retaliation.

The thought thunders through my mind like an explosion, setting fire to the hope that I am now safe.

He tilts his head and furrows his brow, and the sorrow is right there, tangible in his aura. Why didn’t I notice straight away?

Because you weren’t looking.