Empty-Handed Heart [Suncoast Society]

By: Tymber Dalton

Aden couldn’t take his eyes off them, and as Niall’s wedding band gleamed in the light, Aden also couldn’t help running his left thumb over the matching band on his hand.

Six months ago, if someone had told him they’d be here?

Yeah, crazy talk.

Wouldn’t have listened, even if his heart would have wanted to.

Happy endings didn’t happen for guys like him. They were the proverbial Charlie Browns, the football being yanked out from under him every time.

Until now.

This time, he got the guy…and the girl.

And so what her last name was now Renard? That was fine with him, because so was his. Ed had helped him file the paperwork to hyphenate it to his last name, a full-on name change being more confusion than he wanted to deal with. At least this way he matched them, and didn’t have to worry about his degree or any of his CU credits or his licensing being goofed up.

Niall let the whip hang over his shoulder and stepped in close behind her, lightly blowing into her hair and making her flinch. Aden knew the smile on Niall’s face matched his own.

She was so much fun to play with.

Times two, now.

Sometimes he co-topped her with Niall, like this, as equals. Sometimes Niall topped both of them.

Sometimes Aden started out as equals with Niall and felt himself falling into pet mode midway through the scene. Niall always let him.

The man smiled more now than Aden could ever remember him smiling before.

Maybe that’s what they’d needed, time apart to really appreciate each other, and Etsu’s heart and love to glue both of them back together again, this time with her at the center, making something new, something better.

Something stronger.

Even though they’d dropped the charges against Etsu’s brothers in exchange for them agreeing to restraining orders against them, she still hadn’t spoken to her family since that day. Etsu had unblocked her family’s numbers, but Niall had purchased her a new cell phone with explicit orders not to give that number to her family. Her mom still called and left messages a couple of times a week on her old cell phone.

Telling her they’d forgive her if she’d just come home and promise to never have contact with “those men” again.

Yeah, not happening.

She’d long since finished moving the rest of her stuff out of Molly’s apartment.

Kate had actually become a friend. She’d also ended up filing a restraining order against Ro, when he wouldn’t stop calling her and trying to get her to come back to him.

Except Kate wasn’t dropping it. She’d already started dating again.

Niall smiled and waved Aden in to play.

Aden snapped her in the ass, making her yip, then giggle. As he paced around her, he glanced at Niall, loving the possessive heat in his eyes as he watched them play together.

The passion.

The satisfaction and comfort that their family was theirs, built on their terms, and they were happy.


They toyed with her for another twenty minutes before the men couldn’t wait any longer and took her to bed and fucked her brains out. Sated and exhausted, they curled up together in bed, Etsu in the middle tonight. Sometimes it was Niall, sometimes himself.

But the one thing Aden knew was that no matter what, these two people loved him and weren’t going anywhere.

And for the first time in his life, he had a real family who loved him and wanted him. His soul felt healed. And his empty heart felt whole and full again.