Avoiding Amy Jackson

By: N. A. Alcorn


For The Neighbourhood

Your lyrical genius and undeniably melancholic, beautiful, heart-wrenching, soul-shattering music have left me awe-struck and inspired.

P.S. You’re all really wonderful guys, but I’m married, so I think we should just be friends.


“Every man loves to hear he has a huge cock.” James

“You ready to head out of here?” I discreetly whisper into Amy’s ear.

She looks up at me with a seductive smile and nods her head.

We currently reside at a table full of physicians and hospital administrators, having just finished dinner after Regency Memorial’s annual golf charity event. I had the pleasure of golfing with a fellow surgeon who has become an extremely close friend of mine since I moved to Charlotte. Trent Hamilton is a trauma surgeon who has temporarily taken over Dr. Grey’s practice. Dr. Grey was injured severely in a car accident several months ago and won’t be able to come back from his medical leave of absence until sometime in October. It’s crazy to say, since I’ve only known Trent for a short time, but he’s good people. I respect him highly as a fellow surgeon.

I really hope Trent chooses to stay in Charlotte permanently, and my gut instincts tell me that his girlfriend Ellen will be a huge factor in this decision. I’d bet a lot of money on the fact that it won’t be too hard to persuade him. Trent and Ellen are kind of perfect together. Their sexual tension is practically palpable. Those two were having an extremely difficult time keeping their hands off of each other at the golf event, and they managed to slip out before dinner even started, visibly ready to head back to his place to get their hands on each other. Assholes.

Today was my first opportunity to hang out with Ellen’s best friend. Amy Jackson. A beautiful, sexy, downright hilarious ER nurse at Regency. I’ve met her a few times over the past few months, but today I actually got to spend some time with her. I laid the flirtation and charming banter on heavily. Real thick. This woman has more than intrigued my interest and this is not just from a purely gentlemanly perspective.

She’s indulged in copious amounts of alcohol since about noon today, and now, well… the time is past seven. So you can only imagine the kind of state she’s in. Yeah, she’s shitfaced, and I know it’s about time I get her little ass home. Amy is the type of girl who says what she thinks and doesn’t give a fuck about the consequences. This is exactly why I need to get her out of here before she opens her mouth and lets her opinions about Regency’s policies be known to the hospital administrators near our table. There is no doubt that this girl has spunk and sass and enough confidence to bring any man to his knees. I really like that about her. I really like a lot of things about her, especially her tenacity and fiery personality.

Amy enjoys a good time—sometimes too much—as evidenced by her current state. I’ve found that when you work in an area of the medical field like the emergency room, you tend to play harder than most. The stress of adrenaline-rushing situations can wear on you, and sometimes—or in Amy’s case, a lot of times—you might indulge. I can relate to this. I’m a former Marine who has completed several tours in Iraq. And believe me, I’ve had my share of indulgent nights—far too many to count.

I’ve found that the drunker Amy gets, the louder Amy gets…and apparently the hornier she gets, too. She’s brushed her fingers along my crotch underneath the white linen table cloth more times than I can count. She’s now gazing at me with pure sexual wantonness written all over face.


Don’t get me wrong, I want Amy. I mean, I really want Amy, but I just can’t get past the fact that she’s far too intoxicated. I don’t want our first time together to be something she doesn’t remember—or in the worst-case scenario, regret. I don’t want Amy to have any regrets once I get her naked and in my bed. I only want one reaction after that momentous occasion—her on her knees, desperate for more. When I get Amy naked for the first time, which will happen, I will make it a night that she will never forget. But unfortunately for me, tonight is not that night. I prefer my sexual partners to be sober participants. Shitfaced and slurred speech are not qualities my cock enjoys. And Amy, well… She’s actually a little of both of those right now.

She’s still hot as fuck and I’m hard with every seductive glance she slides my way. Actually, I should clarify that I’m turned on every time she attempts at being seductive. She’s drunk and a little sloppy, so her seduction techniques aren’t exactly up to par at the moment, but her brazen motives, fantastic tits, and curvy ass are really helping to offset this. And her legs—oh my, the long, perfect legs on this girl… they drive me wild. If there is one quality that I can appreciate the most, it’s a nice set of legs, and Amy has these in spades. Despite the fact that I’m still undeniably attracted to Amy and practically drooling at the mere idea of sliding inside of her, I refuse to be that guy. The guy who gets his date drunk so he can ensure that his cock gets action at the end of the night. That kind of guy is a fucking asshole. I hate guys like that. And I am most definitely not that guy.